At a time when individuals are divided by physical boundaries and sociopolitical issues, interdisciplinary artist and educator Jesse Wright’s work seeks to champion making connections and promoting empathy through considering one another’s stories.

Wright draws upon his background in painting and commercial design, as well as his humanitarian work to explore spiritual connections underlying daily experience through his mixed media painting, printmaking, and video. His blended visual styles also reference his blended Jamaican American heritage. Wright’s work is an exploration and communication of narratives inspired by humanitarian work at underserved and disenfranchised communities – orphanages, medical centers, schools, and displacement camps – in Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, Uganda, and the United States while simultaneously developing the ongoing “NO RULE MULTIPLY ALPHA – Jamaica Faith” series reconnecting the artist to his mother’s homeland through the depiction of locals and family members as vessels for biblical allegory and commentary on the impact of life throughout diaspora.

Wright currently teaches at the Goldman Sachs Student Art Program in Jersey City and Eastern Christian High School in Haledon, New Jersey. He received his Bachelor of Arts from the School of Visual Arts in New York City. His work has been presented in galleries, universities, and museums throughout the tri-state area.

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