5. Drawings

A selection of drawings and sketches in “works on paper” format or from sketchbook made primarily with sharpie or crayon.

6. Pearl Of A Panther

An interdisciplinary experience exploring the archetypal themes of family, art, poetry, music, location, faith and sociopolitical dynamics vis-a-vis a collection of ephemeral paintings, the short film “Pearl Of A Panther”, written and directed by Wright, which premiered at the Newark Museum in Newark, NJ alongside coinciding group exhibitions under the same title.

7. Prints

Mixed media prints created to raise awareness and support for communities encountered during humanitarian service projects and mission trips – orphanages, medical centers, schools, and displacement camps – in Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, Uganda, United States, etc.

9. Love Like Tattoo

A selection of images from an ongoing practice of mark making involving the dichotomies of “love and sorrow” / “pain and resilience” on the face of various figures (historical, contemporary and family members).